Tarah Wrenn

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Tarah Wrenn was born into the 70s summer heat of Central Oregon. As a girl she moved to Seattle; seeing and feeling the city for the very first time. She was inspired, truly enthralled, with the city’s culture and diversity. Still a country girl at heart, she now resides in the tranquil woods of Snohomish County taking inspiration from the wealth of native flora and fauna. 

Tarah was first introduced to the marvels of ceramics in college and was instantly hooked! The comforting feel of the clay, the aroma of the studio, and the excitement of opening the kiln filled her with hope and excitement — like the most anticipated gifts yet to be revealed on Christmas day. This could have easily been her life's work, this forming of beautiful and useful shapes in her own two hands.

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About Tarah Wrenn

We offer comprehensive one-on-one sessions where we can incorporate emotional, spiritual, physical, and occupational healing through the medium of clay and conversation.

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Yet life had other wondrous plans for Tarah in the form of three incredible daughters, a thriving marriage, a corporate career, and a dedication to community outreach which she pursued with her whole being and in many ways still does. The concerns of adulthood drew her away from artistic creation, but that space in Tarah's heart remained open and available.

After a 15 year hiatus of joy in these mainstream arenas Tarah was finally reunited with her first true passion as all her children left the nest to spread wings of their own. Many years ago now  she delved into her new vocation as a potter and never looked back. It’s her happy place, her refuge from the ordinary, and her own special way of sharing a piece of herself with the world.


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